About Us

About Us


Kingdom of Nutra is one of the progressive brand of FUGEN group UK. FUGEN Group is a professionally managed business group dealing with diversified portfolio in various segments

Fugen Group Key goals are:
  • Innovation.
  • Building business Relationships.
  • Help invent future.

Our vision is to be the Leading and most respected business group in the world driven by our Innovation, Integrity and high level of ethics.

Exceed expectations through constant Innovation. Growth is our lifeline.

Kingdom of Nutra is a manufacturer of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements. We have one of the latest and sophisticated Manufacturing Unit having the best quality plant Equipments and packing facility. For quality and manufacturing of our unique products, we follow the GMP guidelines.

Our goal is to develop and manufacture highest quality Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements for Diabetic care, Bone and Joint Care ,Weight management, , General Nutrition,Women Care, Heart Care Stress management and much more. We use best quality Nutraceuticals and herbal raw materials for our products which are sourced from manufacturers in different parts of the world. We develop and design the products as per or customer's needs and desires. Our products meet the regulatory requirements of the countries in which they will be used. Our products are crafted with the right dosage of active Nutraceuticals to provide with the optimum efficacy of ingredients.

We are skilled in developing and manufacturing best quality Nutraceuticals and Dietary supplements on private label and contract basis for companies from around the globe.Our Manufacturing processes are optimized to minimize the loss of active phytochemicals and micronutrients. We design the delivery system of the products in such a way that products sustain their label claim during their entire shelf life, maximize the absorption of nutrients.

We have developed an entire range of Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements for world Market. All the products are designed to meet the global requirements. All products meet the dietary needs and are designed to improve the health and fitness of everyone. We desire to improve the life style by providing you with Superior quality Nutraceuticals and Dietary Supplements to make them healthy Fit and free from Disease.